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President Trump has made numerous trips to his Florida home since the inauguration. Yo was the one who invited her over to share some of her anti-aging techniques when Kyle and Lisa came to lunch. They also share some relationship-saving advice that you can apply to your current relationship, or the next. Search The Web Search Aol. Isn't one of her closest friends the editor of one of the rags?

Anyone know how to verify whether there is truth to this rumor that Adrienne and Camille will be back in some kind of capacity? The two are scheduled to get in a game of golf as well as discuss trade issues. She concluded in a confessional that Vanderpump wanted Teddi to know the information to stir things up between her and Dorit. Use wi-fi in a coffee shop? Frank discusses the common challenges men face fighting for fair custody, reasonable support, and equal property division.

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Shana went through a few name changes until she settled on Taylor Armstrong as her stage name. In August Russell failed to show up for a meeting Taylor had arranged to discuss custody arrangements for their daughter, and Taylor drove to the friends house he was staying at in Mulholland Drive. Ideally, I would like to see them hire someone who could take Brandi down a few pegs. Yep, I shaid what I shaid. Now, it's that they had mutual friend Russell?

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Taylor filmed at the house of series regular Lisa Vanderpump over the weekend as they celebrated her husband Ken Todd's birthday. Taylor left the series after the third season and has been a recurring guest the past two seasons. It's a case nightmares are made of.

She definitely doesn't fit in with this crowd. There is something plumping up her face, and I don't think it is natural. Dorit later lamented how two of her friends were trying to set her up and Erika advised her to not trust anybody. And Mauricio's bday was last week, so who knows.

  1. Laura's focus in this episode is on helping divorcees navigate the ins and outs of buying and selling marital property.
  2. Wishing you another beautiful year ahead.
  3. Sounds like the kind of thing that could be completely bogus, but also could be interesting if true.

They also share some cool summer travel tips for divorcees that won't break the bank. Of course, if Kim and Donald managed to make things work long-term, her days would've be spent in the White House shaking hands with international leaders. Looking for a fresh start on that summer work out?

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David Tutera was the wedding planner. Taylor has written a best-selling memoir of her life before she found fame and spared no details about her marriage to ex-husband Russell. The Futon Critic Press release. There's an obvious history there that worked.

Will this investigation lead to the release of discovered confidential audio recordings, so the public can hear the trial for the first time ever? This femme trail blazer sheds light on some of the mistakes she made in her own divorce, who Laura's father helped with, quick match speed and how she's written some dazzling new chapters in her own life. Brandi needs to go though.

Laura and Khloe weigh in on the different Kar-Jenner parenting styles and share other Kardashian dish, including what they both think about Scott Disick dating Sofia Richie. Lisa, Kyle, longtime friends try dating for Kim and Adrienne were in attendance. Glanville was upgraded to main housewife and Yolanda Foster was added to the series.

Taylor Armstrong on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Her husband John also referenced their move on Tuesday on Twitter as he shared a photo of Taylor and Kennedy. Tracy's understanding of real estate is not only global, but it's epic. As far as show business is concerned, she's been out of the spotlight since back in the Dark Ages. Taylor's first husband and Kennedy's father, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide in shortly after she filed for divorce and accused him of domestic violence.

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Taylor Armstrong, the glamorous star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has overcome personal tragedy and a troubled marriage to emerge as a firm favorite of fans of the show. The blonde beauty moved away to Colorado with her new husband John Bluher and nine-year-old daughter Kennedy, but they will be relocating back to Beverly Hills. In she met venture capitalist Russell Armstrong after meeting him while waiting for a table at a Beverly Hills restaurant, dating and after a whirlwind romance lasting just a few months the couple married.

Especially on Beverly Hills. It's gone beyond the ridiculous. At least they both have money. The article claims they shot scenes at Kyle's White Party - but isn't that usually later in the year? Recent Replies Topics Replies Topics.

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The Suzanne Somers bit is interesting because they did have her on the show a couple seasons ago, if I'm recalling correctly. It's the frightening story of a D. The Suzanne Somers rumors have been reported as false by E! Bravo can miss me with that bs. The success of the show has resulted in the conception of the spin-off Vanderpump Rules.

You may know the actress from Melrose Place and her own previous reality show, Harry Loves Lisa, about her relationship with husband Harry Hamlin. The Real Housewives of Miami. It really bears repeating, boy was that dumb. Grammer returned once again as a friend of the housewives, while Kim Richards, Glanville and Resnick appeared as guests.

John also said he was glad to be back in Beverly Hills on Sunday in a Twiiter snap showing him and Taylor. In Taylor began actively supporting the Family Crisis Center, a Los Angeles based Non-profit charity organization that supports victims of domestic abuse. Camille, Adrienne and Taylor are yesterday's news to me.

  • Every scene with her would be an infomercial.
  • Gemma Chan says there's no Constance Wu beef.
  • Lisa Rinna would be awesome.
  • Stop, just stop Bravo with such nonsense because its painful to watch and insulting to your viewers.
  • There is simply no way anyone will ever convince me that she didn't know Brandi was lying about the lawsuit when she was backing her up.
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Adrienne knew Brandi was a loose cannon looking to stir drama without any respect for boundaries and bounced. Destination Downing Street? Bravo original programming.

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