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Stm32f103 Spi Driver

But my experience is too small. Just to remind you that I pasted this on gfx. That's because they don't exist. This software package may also include third party software as expressly specified in the software package subject to specific license terms from such third parties.

Create from a template, is this the only solution? Hello and welcome to the community!

Now I finally set up my environment. There are a few different concepts but it all boils down to the same thing.

It made a small difference, but not the one I hoped for. Everything is going right except for this slow transition of the colors. Hardware Development Tools.

Made some vid's to see the difference. Ill try and post my results or my issue here after that ok? That's expected when using a serial interface. Could this be because of the bit banging method which mbed may be using?

Where do I manage this functions? The primary goal of you right now is to get your display up and running. Ive attached the configuration file now. Have a look at some of the other boards that use the spi interface to talk to their controller. There's simply no point in adding everything at the first time directly - too much that can go wrong - too hard to debug.

This driver is well tested and has not been known to need changes to get it to work. Ill try to implement drivers now, i think this is the hard part. Rewrite the chibios spi driver. One more thing, lenovo x60 bluetooth drivers for mac it is probably a good idea to leave changes to the driver as a very last resort.

Such third party software is supplied under such specific license terms and is not subject to the terms and conditions of license hereunder. Keep your project specific stuff in your project. But the speed is still visually slower then my mbed demo.

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Stm32f103 spi driver

That sounds like you're not sending the proper color format to the display controller. Request for software successfully submitted. Sure, the forum is always open. So, Ive attached the image of what happened. The backlight is also differently on.

It's known to work very well. Most notably you want to implement hardware clears, hardware fills and similar. Redistribution of source code modified or not must retain any copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. Wow that is a big difference.

It's really easy and you can have a look at the other drivers that implement hardware acceleration. No use, reproduction or redistribution of this software package partially or totally may be done in any manner that would subject this software package to any Open Source Terms as defined below. We are glad to hear that you got it working.

Display as a link instead. Now Im trying to paste the lines of C code before create some screen at uGfx studio. Reply to this topic Start new topic. There's absolutely no reason why you would want to try rendering texts, images, widgets and other things if you can even change the color of the entire display.

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Stm32f Ra driver - Support - GFX Community