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The staff will do absolutely nothing about bullying. This is how you can lose yourself so, please, don't go there! Now these people, who I tried to help to get recognition on this site, are telling other people garbage and other lies about me like I don't have a life, that's why I spend time on the internet.

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Don't use DeviantArt for it. That's how you can get new friends. Do not give them any business whatsoever. This is a website where you must involve yourself in what the website has to offer and supporting other artists will help the site immensely, believe it or not.

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Basically Twitch for artists. While on some sites you can see that admins don't care who started public fight, everything about it is deleted and accounts suspended. And run while you still can! Admins doesn't do anything to stop bullying, best dating app for delhi they don't even check if report is legitimate.

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  1. The majority of work published to ArtStation is digital and related to entertainment artwork like characters, creatures, environments, storyboards, or thumbnail sketches.
  2. Awful is understatement of the year to what lurks inside this site!
  3. So sad to see the site move away from real art into a porn platform.
  4. If you won't pay for core membership then you won't get admin protection, which is why this site sucks, because it doesn't care about people, it cares only about money.

Customer Questions & Answers

Whole meaning of friendship is crippled there. Fanart community is the worst and the most toxic community I've seen. Art theft has been rampant. And shame on you Wix for acquiring this bully paradise, best which should've been left to rot until it stops existing! Ungratefulness is another reason.

Bullying on this site is gone so far that bullies are using other sites to defame other people. The website needs to close. Ignore this site's existence, because it's not worth it to have an account there.

That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you learn more. They will not be seeing some of the best art out there because of this garbage posted. Unfathomable hypocrisy rules there. The worst isn't these lies, the worst is that so many people are believing such nonsense, and jc which ungrateful people tells about me. It doesn't deserve even one star and I'm going to explain you why!

5 Art Sharing Sites Like DeviantArt

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They used a yellow piece of paper. My experience with this site is so negative that I won't pity it's useless admins, if their site will be closed for good. Hi, do you ship to Canada with no problem and no extra charges?

5 Art Sharing Sites Like DeviantArt

DeviantArt can help increase your fanbase if you understand its quirks. Just save your stuff before deactivating your DeviantArt account. Not to say that other websites don't have a dark side, Deviantart's dark side is way more toxic than the normal.

Few years ago it was a good art site, now it has become a playground for upcoming criminals, who hides behind all excuses you can think of. Where is the company located? Pay for core membership and dA staff won't care that you have violated rules on this site! It's all about show and pretending.

Ultimately, this website is like the gateway to the art you really want to do. Only decent community there is writers. Staff is the worst, because they don't do anything to stop these cyberbullies known as justice groups, which is why on this site you can try criminal's life without consequences. It also has a star rating system where users can rate your works and you can sort by the highest rated illustrations in any category.

And one of the coolest new features is the ArtStation job board where artists can find freelance or full-time jobs in many fields. People cheat in the contest hosted on the website. If you already have a Tumblr then you might understand its potential in promoting your work. At some points it feels like racketeering is happening there. It's not an art site anymore!

DeviantART Dating Games

Don't bother with this site! They even have a live drawing tool where artists can stream art sessions live right through Pixiv. Art is just front facade to lure you inside in this bully lair.

It looks like a friendly website at first but trust me, this site is corrupted and filled with people who are just abusers of the rules or worst. The artwork media was traditional. There is a decent mix of both if you look hard enough. Instead of punishing bullies and trolls they punish people, who are angered by trolls and bullies!

Websites Like DeviantArt Best Alternative Art Communities For 2019

No background was added to the work. Admins are total hypocrites too. One of my favorites is Rogie King who publishes a lot of his own illustrations. Your success whether it's your favorite count, watch count, dalis dating etc. People know Dribbble accumulates great talent.

Well, it's not good at all. The people who are complaining about the bullying and trolling aren't exaggerating. From basic sketches all the way to final pieces, you can organize everything into one post and share it all together on Behance. You will save yourself from many unnecessary troubles, issues, dramas and other negativity, if you will avoid this bully nest.


  • Not a single mistake in the line work.
  • Everything started going downhill a couple of year ago.
  • There's a lot of diversity on the website and a lack of community because of it.
  • Because the only thing people notice there is something like drama and gossip.
  • The staff is terrible and does not review every report they get to see if it is legit or a false report that is abusing the system.

In fact, the bullies there are actually greatly respected and playing the victim card earns them much more respect and results in you being attacked. Less staff means less disciplinary actions. The abuse is rare, but it does happen, and the worst part is the dA staff does not do anything to stop the abuse. It's not what it once was. Looked it over several times from top to bottom.

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